June 30, 2022

Formula Father’s Day

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

When I got home after four days at the track, I found this sweet Father’s Day card from my daughter, Michelle.

Seeing it brought a smile to my face because even though I am very few of the adjectives she used to describe me (except stubborn) she used the shape of a VW Beetle, in light of our family’s efforts in Formula Vee / Formula 1200 this season.

3 thoughts on “Formula Father’s Day

    1. Yes Rubens, I love being a father but I also feel very guilty sometimes. I spend a LOT of time with my son Daniel because we share a love of racing. Comparatively, I hadn’t seen my daughter in four days when I got home Sunday. She and I do some things together, too.

      – I took her and her friends to K1 Speed not long ago: https://demaras.com/2021/09/15/power-trio/
      – And we took part in the Toronto Miracle food drive together: https://demaras.com/2021/12/05/toronto-miracle/
      – She even ended up on CityTV that day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwnCV95uQ1A

      It just isn’t enough, though. Makes me a little sad.

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