In 2019, Demaras Racing put their support behind Racing to End Alheimer’s, by organizing fundraisers for R2ENDALZ. A unique entity in professional motorsports, R2ENDALZ races a ‘rolling billboard’ for Alzheimer’s awareness. Here’s R2ENDALZ’s latest news:

Back in 2009 Nick Galante (star driver of R2ENDALZ No. 22 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS) was still racing open-wheel, competing in the Jim Russell F3 Championship. At Sears Point that season, Galante crashed going into Turn 2, wrecking his LOLA F3 racecar.

Now, Galante has turned misery to ministry by using the wreckage of the crashed F3 car to create artwork, to be used as fundraising for R2ENDALZ. Each one-of-a-kind sculptures is made from a cross-section of the LOLA FJR-50’s wing, wrapped in carbon fiber, perched atop stainless-steel hardware (even set at the correct wing angle!) and set in a concrete base.

R2ENDALZ races a rolling billboard for Alzheimer’s research. Donors to the charity have the names of their loved ones emblazoned on the race car, and anyone adding a name to our car by Sunday August 21 2022 will have a chance to win number 6 in a series of 40 sculptures.

Visit to make a donation today!

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