There’s a great article on RACER called “Team Building: Will Power Style” which details the intra-team trophy seen around The No. 12’s pit stall. It’s a bronzed OMP racing boot, with a miniature rival driver being crushed, all mounted on a wooden base with the engraving “Stomp C_ _ts With Me Boots. Effort Equals Results.”. Whoa, man!

Some trophies are timeless, classic, historic. Like the Astor Cup which Power won in 2014, or the Borg Warner, which bears his visage since 2018.

But Power’s ‘Stompin’ The Competition’ trophy is different. It’s awarded to a crew member who performed at the highest level, presented by the team each week. Racing is, after all, very much a team sport. The trophy travels with the team in a wooden case that indicates 1999 (the year Power debuted in Formula Ford) as its genesis.

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