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For some reason, this story about the H20i car rally in Wasaga Beach last weekend really touched a nerve with me. I wasn’t at the show, I’m not part of that ‘scene‘ and I definitely don’t think stomping police cruisers is just ‘boys will be boys’ behaviour. But the fact that the OPP and Wasaga Beach officials were unprepared for a heavily promoted event is the real story. There should have been a proper police presence to deter anyone from getting out of hand. The fact the H20i organizers didn’t file for an event permit is no excuse. In the back of my mind, I keep on thinking that somebody wanted things to get out of hand so that Wasaga Beach officials and police can prevent the rally from running next year.

But why not welcome the car rallies, like they do in Brazil? On the website The Classic Machines is a post by Rubens called ‘Motor Show’ about somewhat similar (but sanctioned) event in Curitiba, Brazil. Looking at the pictures of burnouts, donuts, and folks gathering for a good time… it looks like H20i without the violence.

Motor Show
Posted by Rubens Junior / August 23, 2022

Of all the events I attended during that time, the most exciting was the “Motor Show”, which was born in my hometown, Curitiba. It was created with one main idea, instead of the traditional display of static cars, this event should be dynamic, with the cars taking the pavement of the local race track.


It became a meter of pride to drive your machine to the event and some rodders came as far as Cordoba, in Argentina, which is 2000 km away.


The highlight of the event is the Hot Rod Parade when the cars takeover the race track for a few laps. There is a pace car in front of the bunch in order to keep things safe, but some smartasses purposefully delay hitting the track, creating a gap where they can drop the hammer.


Drag racing!!!! The organizers put together a “1/8 mile challenge” for all hot rods and muscle cars.


Do yourself a favour, and read Rubens’ article. It’s filled with incredible pictures of the car scene in Brazil, and what a civilized and organized event those Brazilians put on.

Makes the sad display up in Canada seem downright shameful… to all parties involved.

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