Filming of Fast & Furious 10 continued this week, on location in Los Angeles. The neighborhood has become forever linked with the film franchise, as gearheads and cinephiles pass through Angeleno Heights to check out real life Bob’s Market, which doubles as the tuna-sandwich serving Toretto’s in the first F&F film.

This week, spy-shots emerged of the new DeLorean arriving on the F&F set that had fans wondering if the only way to top F9’s ‘car in space’ moment was to bring in a time machine.

Proving once again that we can’t have nice things, residents of the area F&F are shooting in are angry, protesting not just the film, but the entire subculture of reckless driving the movie immortalized. Every day, F&F fans from all around the world stop and take pictures of the house Dom lived in, the sandwich shop and the neighbourhood from the films. But some people just take it too far.

Residents complain that tourists are doing burnouts and donuts in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, as some kind of sacrificial offering to the racing gods. This place has become the birthplace of street racing aficionados.

Anyone expecting CNN to report on local Karens complaining about kids having fun…forget it. The article is all about street racing fatalities, and how glamourizing ‘the ‘outlaw’ behavior has ruined their community.

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