Is this new DeLorean really a DeLorean?

The company that released these renderings is called DeLorean Motors Reimagined. They own the trademark to the name DeLorean Motor Company and the DMC logo after buying up remnants of the original DeLorean company out of bankruptcy in 1995. They bought all remaining NOS parts inventory, OEM replacement parts and for decades now have supported owners of DeLoreans through parts, service and restoration based out of their Texas shop.

Technically, the current DeLorean Motor Company is not associated with the original company. But did Jaguar Cars cease to be Jaguar when Ford bought them in 1990? Perhaps the comparison is not the same, since Jaguar continued to operate out of its home base in Coventry, whereas the original DMC factory in Belfast is long gone.

A week ago, ‘DeLorean’ announced it would begin manufacturing of an ell-electric GT car vaguely reminiscent, or ‘inspired by‘ the original DMC-12. The marksa shift away from selling new old stock to automobile manufacturing.

Styling of the new car was performed by ItalDesign, the company founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who penned the original DMC-12 (as well at the Subaru SVX and original Volkswagen Golf) as a tie-in to the original DeLorean.

So, is this really a successor to the commercial-failure / cultural-icon that was the DeLorean DMC-12? No. This is the DeLorean Alpha5. Just a concept now, but with plans to unveil a prototype at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, and production planned for 2024.

The first run of DeLoreans will be limited to 88 cars.

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