For a car that was such a sales flop, the DMC DeLorean has a massive cult following to this day. Whether the DMC 12 has an LS7 swap special for the SEMA show, or a hand-formed widebody kit that gives the car a bosozoku look, you’ll find these cars at the top shows.

Even just stock, the elegant Giorgetto Giugiaro design has stood the test of time (you know…he was the same guy who penned the Subaru SVX back in the late 80s).

But DeLoreans are pretty rare cars, and not everyone can afford them. So folks around the world have been customizing their sh!tboxes for years, often in homage to the Back to the Future series.

A recent article on The Chive even showed us some creative DIY cars and projects, like this Fender Fluxocaster electric guitar below.

There’s even a website called that showed one dude’s conversion of a plain oold stroller to a DMC time machine. Kids beds, and even furniture for grown-ups (whom one assumes are single men) are also common projects.

Of course, the opposite end of the spectrum to plywood projects and high dollar resto-mods is the Monster Truck. The sleek body lines juxtaposed against the beefy mud-tires is really something to behold. Or stare at…like an accident on Hwy 401.

Hovercraft, watercraft, we’re not even sure what this guy created. We just hope he keeps the doors closed when the waves get choppy.

John Z. DeLorean passed away in 2005, so thankfully he lived long enough to see his dream machine fully embraced by the car community, and immortalized on the silver screen in the BTTF films.

Not quite sure why this vehicle has captivated the attention of the public for so long…but we’d sure like to add one to the Demaras Racing stable. Preferable one with a twin-turbo LS7 swap, please.

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