Urban Decay

The SVX has been in the Demaras Racing stable for nearly a decade. The car still looks good by modern standards, but certainly not modern. It is distinctly retro. The clean lines of the long, low, wide body juxtaposed against the chaos of graffiti and dilapidated buildings emphasizes what an incredible design Giorgetto Giugiaro produced more than 30 years ago.

The car was acquired in incredible condition from the original owner, who purchased the car from Scarboro Subaru. Customizations to the Subaru include a Delta Speed body kit, JDM spoiler, and wheels from an ’07 WRX STi. This year, the biggest customization was completed; the addition of Airlift Performance air-suspension. It completely transforms the stance of the car.

The SVX deserved one more glamour shot before winter storage.

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