While the restoration of Daniel’s Subaru WRX continues, the customization of Chris’ Subaru SVX is approaching completion. In mid-March, the 1992 SVX made the trip up the mountain to NV Auto where Miguel and the Hamilton crew started transforming Demaras’ retro Japanese GT car into something unique; the first SVX on air in Canada.

The AirLift Performance series air-suspension kit being installed in the ’92 SVX is actually designed for the ’02 – ’07 WRX, but there’s significant similarities between the two vehicles that make it a good starting point, if not a perfect fit. The 2.5 gallon, raw aluminum air tank fits nicely in the trunk, with room for the compressor next to it.

The suspension system uses an air strut with a threaded body and bag-over-style. The monotube struts have 30 position damping adjustment allowing the ride to be fine tuned from smooth to a stiff performance feel. The 3H air management system uses ride-height sensors to allow different ride-heights to be pre-programmed, improving vehicle flexibility.

More updates from NV Auto coming soon…

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