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One of the remaining step in getting my Road Racing license is joining a CASC affiliated car club. These organizations host motorsports events like Ice Racing and Time Attack. I looked for a Mazda Miata club (since I own a 1999 model) and found the Mazda Sportscar Owners Club.

This club organizes the ‘Push It To The Limit’ autoslalom series. While joining the club is a necessary step for my Road Racing license, it turns out the at this club is running their last event of the year in less than two weeks. How lucky!

Here’s what the events look like from behind the wheel of a Miata.

Think you know how to drive?

Push It To The Limit performance driving competitions are just for you. Come find out what all the excitement is all about. You and your car against the clock. Who’s faster? All makes welcome! Trophies to be won. Get involved, buckle up for the best ride in the City.

After a quick visit to MotorsportsReg, I’ve signed up the 1999 MX-5 for the 8th and final round of the 2022 PITL Series, in the A-MOD (modified) division. The autocross event is scheduled for next Saturday October 22nd in Etobicoke.

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