The 2022 Canadian Championship was held this past January at K1 Speed’s Mississauga track and was a well attended, 12-man elimination tournament.

The competition featured many of the competitors from the ‘So, You Wanna Be A Race Car Driver?‘ charity race at K1 Speed in Toronto this past December. Surprising absolutely nobody, Nathan Wilkie was crowned the 2022 Canadian Champion, having also won the charity event in December.

Wilkie will. get to pilot Daniel Demaras’ No. 12 F1200 race car this spring, before Wilkie travels to the K1 Speed e-World Championships in Winchester, California later this summer where he will compete against some of the best electric kart racers in the world, including 2019 qualifier Daniel Demaras, who’s been waiting four years to return to competition in California, since his podium finish at the 2018 K1 Speed e-World Championship..

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