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When I was a kid, seeing the red RATED-R card before a movie started on late night TV meant it was going to be a good one! Violence, swearing, and whatever the heck mature subject matter was. All I knew was I’d better turn the volume down so my parent’s didn’t catch me watching something dirty. One of the earliest R-Rated movies I remembered watching was Fast Company. Must have been around 1983 or 1984, years after its theatrical release.

I caught Fast Company on TV last week, only now learning that Cronenberg was the director. I also learned that the US release has a scene deleted, helping it avoid the R Rating. When I was a kid, there were some scenes that really made an impression on me. I was sure the world of racing was just like this.

And I absolutely remember this scene. I couldn’t understand it, and still don’t. Seeing this probably messed me up a little bit, as a kid. Why would he pour engine oil on that lady! WARNING: The following video contains nudity and Cronenberg-level weirdness!

Finally, a great scene when the hero of the movie steals his dragster back from the evil corporate sponsor. As a 10 year old kid, it seemed completely plausible that Lonnie could fire up a funny car, smash through a garage door, the casually drive it down the streets of Edmonton. He even stopped for the red light.

If I’d have watched Grand Prix as a kid, I could have turned out a little more…normal. I blame David Cronenberg for corrupting the youth of Canada.

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