Any self-respecting car guy who loves fast films already has July 21 2023 marked on their calendars. It’s definitely a dad and daughter day, as the ‘Barbie‘ movie hits theatres. Not only is the lovely Margot Robbie starring in the film, but if there’s ever been a car girl, it’s Barbie.

She’s got the pink Jeep, the Dream Camper RV, and of course, her Corvette. It’s a ’56 or ’57 first generation Vette, single headlights, white coves. Strangely, the car has been stretched out to a four seater, to fit more dolls in the back. Check out the trailer, courtesy of Warner Bros.

The only problem with the movie is that Ken is played by Ryan Gosling. How can anyone ever watch the 2011 film ‘Drive‘ again and take it seriously after seeing Gosling with his bleached-blonde hair and goofy grin. This is the same actor who played a psychopath stunt driver by day, getaway driver by night. Now…he’s a living doll.

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