Imagine. The year is 1984. The stars of your favourite TV show Knight Rider are doing an appearance at the local mall. There’s Michael Knight, big boss Devon Miles, brainy Dr. Bonnie, and a stock 1982 Pontiac Firebird in black over tan interior.

You’d be disappointed. That’s not the car.

So why in the world did Barbie and Ken bring a stock 1956 Corvette out on their promotional tour? Just take a look at these pictures from the Barbie movie’s official Twitter page. The car is the right hue, has tuck-and-roll upholstery, and even whitewall tires… but where’s the back seat?

Barbie has the only four-seater C1 Corvette around. And this car they’re dragging out to these photo shoots is not the car.

Look at this picture below. A bone-stock ’56 Chevrolet Corvette. A classic two-door roadster with a bench seat in front for Barbie and a pal.

Now look at this picture, which is the actual Vette from the movie. Barbie’s pink Corvette is a custom job, with a second bench seat installed where the convertible top would normally live. Ken must be sitting right on top of the rear differential (but he still looks cool).

At first glance, it looks like the frame has been stretched, extended to fit the extra passengers. But good ol’ Greta Gerwig did not mess with an American classic. The car has not been chopped in hald and crazy glued together.

The Barbie movie stars Margot Robbie. Ryan Gosling (from ‘Drive‘), Simu Liu (from CBC’s ‘Kim’s Convenience‘) Rhea Perlman (Carla from ‘Cheers‘), and Mr. Talladega Nights himself, Will Ferrell. Make sure to circle July 21 2023 on your calendar…that’s opening night!

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