Written by: Michelle Demaras

With the ‘Barbie’ movie’s release date quickly approaching, the public can’t get enough of the world’s greatest fashion doll. The movie trailer even shows Barbie cruising around in her pink Corvette. In the role of Ken is Ryan Gosling, everyone’s favourite getaway-driver-turned-psychopath from ‘Drive’.

The real question audience’s are asking is whether Barbie can match her boyfriend’s driving skill? For answers, just look back on the classic 2012 TV show ‘Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse’ in particular, the episode ‘Licensed to Drive’.

The episode’s plot is simple — Barbie learns to drive. Odd since since she’s already been a professional race car driver! But Barbie’s friends need a ride to the beach, and she doesn’t want to disappoint. Barbie’s asks Ken, her so-called knight in shining armour boyfriend, to help her learn to drive.

The first step is to assemble the car. Ken begins reading a manual on how to set up Barbie’s car, but before he can even read the instructions, Barbie finished assembling her brand new ride.

The car isn’t going to drive itself, and Barbie struggles with learning the basics. Ken thinks something might be wrong with the car (as if he would know) and starts messing around with the car’s ‘schlond poofa’.

While Ken works on the car, Barbie’s friends hop in the back seat, and the trio take off. She’s still not sure how to properly drive…but come on…it’s Barbie! She can do it!

Speeding through the streets and (accidentally) parking perfectly, Barbie and friends arrive to the beach. Ken’s still in the back, messing with whatever car part he’s made up a name for, but Barbie is already two steps ahead, and setting off for her day at the beach with friends.

Leave it to Barbie to be able to get her license and get her friends to the beach, without driving experience. She’s just naturally talented. Even her ‘car whiz’ boyfriend is really no help.

The lesson to little girls watching Barbie ‘Life in the Dream House’ is that she’s really good at everything, and Ken is just a guy.

And who needs a ‘schlond poofa‘ anyway?

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