Friday May 5th was a Regional Test Day at Mosport, and the first chance for Daniel Demaras to get behind the wheel of the No. 12 MagiSeal F1200 car.

Vallis Motor Sport prepared the car over the winter, with a new gearbox and refreshed components. Same chassis, same number and a replacement engine had Demaras feeling right at home.

Test days are split into closed-wheel and open-wheel cars, but oddly the Radical race cars are lumped in with classic open-wheel cars. This makes for some scary moments as powerful cars go flying past. Not a good compromise for anyone on track!

For the first time in Canada, the Revolution race cars were on track, and it was an impressive sight. With a full carbon-fibre tub, the 820kg LMP sports car is powered by a 500 HP 3.7-litre Ford V6 engine. Crickey! 

After multiple practice sessions, the No. 12 and all other VMS cars were sent for annual tech inspection (a cinch for the experienced Bill Davis and Bill Vallis to pass). But it was still interesting to see so many race cars with their aerodynamic bodywork removed.

Cruising past the Revolution paddock, Daniel steered the car back to the VMS team tent, ready for the first race day of the 2023 Canadian Formula 1200 Championship.

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    1. We raced last weekend (Fri – Sat – Sun) but we’re just now getting to upload videos (took a while to edit) and articles. Check back on Saturday and Sunday to see the articles about the actual race days.

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