Last week I was driving down to the design district on Caledonia Rd. I passed by a furniture store and saw a red ‘Christmas truck‘ parked in front, like a piece of mobile art. But as usual, I was driving so fast, I couldn’t slow down for a better look.

This week, I plotted a course to Carrocel Interiors at 245 Bridgeland Ave and set aside some time to check out the vintage vehicle.

When Daniel and I arrived, it was gone, which was weird because it didn’t look like a daily driver. We went into the furniture store and asked what happened to the truck. The saleslady pointed us to the back parking lot, where the Dodge was being stored. We snuck under the gate and went to take a peek.

We’re no experts, but it looks like a 1952 Dodge B-Series pickup truck. The car runs, and visually is in good shape (especially those new white wall tires) but is mostly used to promote the business, rather than haul stuff as it did in the past. We’ll have to go back and ask the owner more questions next time. +

2 thoughts on “52 Pickup at Carrocel Interiors

    1. I spoke to the owner, Joe, and he explained the truck is ‘yard art’ for the store. Christmas lights on it in December, flower boxes in the bed in summer, a sign isaying ‘Big Furniture Sale’ on the windshield at other times. Kinda sad it isn’t being driven, or preserved indoors.

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