It’s doubtful we’ll even get to see Brad Pitt’s new Formula 1 movie before next summer But everyone will remember the day Hollywood came to the British Grand Prix.

A big time A-list actor walk among actual racing drivers on the way to the grid, stood with them during the national anthem, and even drove a ‘movie car’ on track during the race weekend.

Some eagle-eyed fans even shot footage from the grandstands. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this ends up in the as-yet untitled movie.

2 thoughts on “Fast Film Friday: The Hollywood Racers 2

    1. I really want this movie to be the greatest racing picture ever. Just like Tyler Durden has been saying in interviews.

      But I also remember the 2001 Stallone movie DRIVEN that had a huge budget, big name movie star, and was filmed at actual IndyCar races (including the 2000 Molson Indy Toronto). The movie was universally panned.

      (Although I love the shots of Toronto in it!)

      Surely Brad Pitt and Co. will have learned from Stallone’s mistakes, and stay away from the super-CGI enhanced crashes. No question.

      But Lewis Hamilton (whom I loathe) is helping produce the movie, so you can be sure the ‘message’ will be heavy-handed.

      All that being said…I will watch it opening night!

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