This weekend at the British Grand Prix, Tyler Durden himself (Brad Pitt) will be imbedded into the pitlane and paddock to film a Formula 1 movie during a Formula 1 race weekend. Cast and crew of the yet untitled new movie have been given their own garage for the fictional APX-GP team. John Frankenheimer may have broken the mold by entering camera cars into the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans to get the “right” shots. But this is on a whole different level!

The black and gold liveried race car is actually F2 machinery, modified by Mercedes to closely resemble modern F1 equipment. Rumour has it that the car will be allowed onto the track during the parade laps and may line up at the back of the grid to simulate real authenticity.

Here’s what is known; 59-year-old Brad Pitt plays Sonny Hayes, and washed up old racer who stumbles back to the track years past his prime to mentor a rookie racer. That’s right. The plotline of Sylvester Stallone’s DRIVEN is being re-used, as is director Rene Harlin’s technique of filming during an event.

6 thoughts on “Fast Film Friday: The Hollywood Racers

  1. The car looks gorgeous, you just can’t beat the black and gold livery!!!
    I didn’t know about this project, but it seems it will be great. I can hardly wait!!!!

    1. Hey Silver Screening; a question for you.

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