Friday night at the banked oval track. Nothing could be more different for road racer Daniel Demaras, but the desire to try new racing disciplines has lead him to this.

SKLD Motorsports’ team of Shiann, Karlie, Andrew and Austyn brought the No. 9 Integra to Sunset Speedway, with plans to have Daniel run some laps, then share the track with the pink No. 14 ‘Asphalt Princess’ to get used to traffic.

Acclimatized to the banked oval, Daniel ran solid laps in the 18 second range, and got a better understanding of the track after Shiann suggested Austyn take Daniel on a proper track-walk.

Every lap helped, as Demaras better understood how much the car slides in the corners, as tire temperature ramped up during the session.

As with many practice days, some mechanical gremlins appeared late in the running (CV joint), but better to have those issues pop up on Friday rather than race day Saturday.

With everything still in one piece, the cars were loaded back on the hauler, and Demaras Racing headed back to Toronto to rest up for the big race at Sunset Speedway on Saturday.


After a solid Friday practice session, the Saturday forecast of 90% chance of rain forced Sunset Speedway to call off race day. Demaras will have to wait until August 5th or 12th to make his oval track debut.

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