To a racer, not getting to compete is worse than losing. Several weeks ago, at the Dog Days of Summer event at Sunset, Daniel Demaras was stuck watching the Feature race from the infield, as damage suffered during a heat race was not repaired before the last race. All Daniel wanted was to race this time.

Sometimes, circumstances are just our of your control. In the second heat race this weekend, Demaras was taken out by contact in the first lap. His SKLD team worked tirelessly through the afternoon to put the No. 9 Acura Integra back together, and give Daniel what he wanted; the chance to compete.

With a 3rd place finish in the first heat race, and a DNF in the second heat race, Demaras expected to start mid-pack. But a quick glance at the official results showed the No. 9 was not scored at all in heat 1 (likely a malfunctioning transponder). He would have to start all the way at the back.

Daniel just put his head down, and focused on the task ahead; to pass as many cars as possible before the checkered flag. Winning was just out of reach in only 25 laps, but Daniel would do his best to and stay away from wrecks and incidents (there were many) and just race to the end.

It wasn’t a podium, or even a Top 10 finish. But he got to race as hard as possible from the back of the pack, and that’s exactly how any real racers would want the season to end.

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