This past weekend, Daniel Demaras was back with his open-wheel team VMS, driving the No. 12 MagiSeal Formula 1200 car at Mosport. Meanwhile, the last stock-car race of the year was held at Sunset, One aspect of bone-stock racing that’s the most enjoyable is the camaraderie between competitors. Weeks ago, Daniel got wrecked in a race. While being towed back to the paddock, a complete stranger from another team yelled to Daniel that they had a spare control arm, and Daniel could use it to get back on track. Nice!

This weekend, the ugly side of stock-car racing reared its head. During the bone-stock feature race, the No. 81 dive-bombed the No. 29 going into Turn 3. It’s unclear whether this was a lack of experience, an over-ambitious pass, or a retaliation for some earlier transgression.

But what happened next shocked everyone at the track. The white-and-orange No. 29 repeatedly rammed his car into the driver’s side of the No. 81. No matter how angry the driver was, this act was vehicular assault.

Making matters worse was the complete disregard for the safety of the track official walking towards the scene of the crime. The No. 29 was out for blood, and he didn’t care who got might get hurt as long as he got revenge!

A discussion on social media developed about whether this behaviour deserves a lifetime ban from all Ontario tracks, or if this is just like NASCAR in the good ol’ days when drivers would settle matters on track, then beat the crap out of each in the pits.

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