The ending of the Singapore Grand Prix was exciting for so many reasons. Not only did Ferrari finally win a race, but Carlos Sainz brilliant use of DRS showed him to be a master strategist. In the closing laps, he demanded that the gap to Lando Norris in P2 be called out every corner, so that Sainz himself could slow enough in the DRS detection zone to give his friend the speed boost needed to fight off George Russel.

Even if you’re not a Mercedes fan, you had to feel bad for George Russel. Last lap, fresher tires, charging forward ang going for the win. But it was Russell V Carlando, and the racing gods chose a favourite.

As teammates, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris they were expected to get along well and represent the McLaren F1 team. But years later, even driving for rival teams, these two guys are still like brothers. Sure, Carlos giving Lando DRS would help protect Carlos’ own position up front, but there’s more to it.

When you have someone that you get on well with, and that you respect as a driver, as an athlete, as a person, it feels better to share those good moments.

Carlos Sainz commenting on Lando Norris

Racing is built on rivalries like Senna V Prost and Lewis V Fernando. Sometimes there’s a mutual respect and admiration for the other drivers abilities. Other times drivers just hate each other. That’s what’s so odd about Carlos and Lando. Even their team principals were all smiles, joining in on the good feelings and positivity.

There’s a young generation of racers who look at cut-throat drivers like Max who want to win at all costs, and even destroy their teammates in the process. Perhaps the focus should be just a little further down the grid to these two chaps. This is what racing is really all about.

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