Manufacturers are trying to tempt motorheads in the days leading up to the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show (now called the Japan Mobility Show). Subaru has teased one single photo of what many believe is the resurrection of the Subaru SVX this time, as an electric sports car.

Details are scarce, but the vehicle is called the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept, a low-slung coupe featuring a large glass canopy in place of a traditional roof. There’s a distinct grove along the fenders are also reminiscent of the ‘box-flares’ on the original SVX.

Mazda has also released a cryptic image of a new sports car, which could be the next-gen MX-5 Miata. Mazda gave an overview of its stand, with the big standout being the confirmation of a new concept car designed to symbolize the ‘love of cars’.

Auto observers point out that in November 2022, Mazda showcased a video predicting what their cars might look like in 2030. While the sports car in the video, the Mazda Vision Concept, was not a convertible, details from the original Miata were hard to ignore (pop-up headlights, round taillights, etc.). This may be the physical reveal of that digital concept.

We’ll all find out more from October 28 when the Japan Mobility Show 2023 kicks off.

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