I waited up late last night, and tuned into Subaru of Japan’s channel to watch their big ‘car reveal’ live from the Japan Mobility Show. Plenty of rumours swirling around the internet that the Sport Mobility Concept is in fact the next-gen Subaru SVX with electric power. That’s right in Demaras Racing’s wheelhouse!

Got to hand it to them; when they pulled the cover off the car, I was astounded. Fast-tempo, driving electronic music really added to the anticipation. Then they revealed a chunky two-door coupe with big pontoon fenders like a 1948 Tucker Torpedo. This is not the futuristic SVX I was expecting.

I’m not trying to be negative. I already have a standing order at Scarboro Subaru for the first one of these cars that reaches inventory. I’m just a little disappointed. The car isn’t an elegant coupe at all. It’s an overly tall belt-line, like those ridiculously disproportionate ‘coupe-SUVs’

The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept is not quite a coupe, not exactly an SUV. Sort of a segment-busting car, like the original AMC Eagle. But it just doesn’t have the same lifted sportscar look of that American classic.

Subaru already has the XV Crosstrek and Forester and Outback; I’m starting to wonder if another off-roader is what the company needs. But what they definitely don’t need is a spaceship.

Yeah, they brought a flying saucer. Subaru displayed a UFO-looking, six-rotor drone with a cockpit. Really, Subaru? Still trying to dazzle the public with the ‘flying car of tomorrow‘ in 2023! What a joke. I couldn’t care less whether they’re working with the Japanese air force or Amazon for quicker deliveries. That’s just a distraction from the missing WRX STi.

Come on, Subaru! You can do better than this. Look at what the other kids brought to class.

Honda dusted off the Prelude nameplate on a scaled down NSX lookalike, Mazda stuck a hardtop and scissor doors on a Miata, and Toyota teased a new MR2. And Nissan? Their next generation GT-R (which they’re calling the Hyper-Force)? That’s what you call cyberpunk!

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

2 thoughts on “This is NOT an Electric Cyberpunk SVX

  1. I agree with you, Chris. I didn’t like this new Subaru, and I didn’t like the “new” GT-R as well. It looks like the kind of car we can find in a low-budget sci-fi movie when the production had to duct tape pieces of cardboard to a regular production car, to make it look “futuristic”. But the Mazda concept looks really good.

    1. That car show in Japan is a big deal. I think it only happens once every 2 years. All the manufacturers brought out dream cars with electric motors and retro names. And Subaru just…missed the mark.
      I see what you’re saying about the sci-fi GTR. Looks like something in an Atari video game.
      But the Mazda? Thats nice. Really nice. Hope that becomes the next RX car.

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