In racing, rain is the ‘great equalizer’. Differences in engine power are erased, and driver skill comes to the forefront. Unfortunately, fro driver #16, the wet weather made him look more like a fish out of water, and less like a rain master.


Demaras entered the CRKC Finals hoping to cap off the year with a win. The 2016 Championship saw driver #16 on the podium several times, but never the top step. For the finals, all the top drivers from the four Mosport divisions converge for one race. This was going to be a difficult day.


Torrential rains in the morning drenched the track, with the track drying more for each practice session. Demaras spent much of the day in 7th place, never able to come to grips with the changing conditions.


Demaras finished the year with his head hanging low, having started and finished the finals in 7th place. His daughter Michelle (background) shared his pain. As this was the only race of the year that Demaras’ hot blonde wife showed up to watch, Chris was especially disappointed not to get a win or podium in front of her.

Demaras finished the 2016 Mosport CRKC Championship in 9th place.

Chris Mospoints.jpg

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