June 30, 2022

Demaras Shot by Motorsport Sam

~ Chris “#16” Demaras ~

I raced karts a bit at Mosport but mostly Goodwood for years. It was a fun dad-and-lad thing for me and my son. But, as a full-size 225+ lbs man…I was never a really good fit for karts.

So, when Daniel decided to step up to racing cars last year, I was totally ready to go with him. Cars would be so much more comfortable that those tiny, little go-karts! But the racing gods have a sense of humour, and I ended up in a Miata.

So, here I am; a 47 year-old road racing rookie. Learning the ropes while lapping Mosport, the fastest race track in Canada. Our ’99 Miata has incredible handling and low power, so that keeps me out of trouble for the most part. But if Motorsport Sam is taking pictures, she will catch your moment of opposite lock on Turn 5. There is no hiding from her.

These pictures were taken a few weeks back, at the DriveTeq track day at CTMP. During the driver’s meeting, big boss Rick mentioned that Samantha would be trackside taking photos, So, I introduced myself to her, mentioned the green Miata, and asked her to get some good shots. Wow, she really delivered!

I can proudly tell my friends that Motorsport Sam shot me at Mosport. During the ‘Back in the Big House’ event she managed to make me look quick even with a C6 Corvette blowing my doors off!

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