Late in the 2022 racing season, Demaras Racing entered the No. 16 Miata in the final Push it to the Limit autocross event. Team driver Chris struggled with the ‘sea of cones’ that made up the temporary circuit at a local church parking lot. But the cost-effective series had some appeal, especially the fact the Miata could be raced as-is, without a full roll cage. as LDRC would require.

Racing is an expensive endeavour, and with only enough funding to field the No. 12 F1200 car, Demaras Racing sought an alternative series for the No. 16 Miata to compete in. The answer might be the CASC Ontario Time Attack series.

Similar to autocross, Time Attach is a race against the clock, like a non-stop qualifying session. On track with dozens of other competitors, drivers must set the fastest lap times possible while passing slower cars, and not blocking the quicker ones. It’s not a race for position, but with a limited number of hot-laps in each session, cutting through traffic is key. Unlike autocross, events are run at Mosport Grand Prix circuit, Mosport DDT, Shannonville and TMP at Cayuga.

About Ontario Time Attack

Ontario Time Attack is one of the most affordable forms of motorsports, with access to Ontario’s finest race tracks. Ontario  Time Attack is a great place to enjoy the thrill of grassroots racing, with the safety of a sanctioned organization and professional track marshals. Push the limits of yourself and your vehicle against the clock.

The season-long Championship Series is open to anyone, even on a single event basis. To ensure the best season possible, OTA offers a Time Attack School at the beginning of the year to get drivers up to speed for the season and a second TA School to introduce them to historic Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park).

All events include:

  • Generous lapping time
  • A chance to ride or drive with experienced racers
  • Certified instructors to help improve driver skills

Advantages of Ontario Time Attack

  • Sanctioned by CASC (Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs)
  • Insured through ASN Canada FIA
  • Diverse group of competitors and vehicles, factory stock to race-prepped machines
  • Great pool of experienced drivers to learn from and compete against
  • Dedicated schools to teach performance driving and event related skills
  • Certified instructors available at no cost to novices
  • Experienced organizers, track clerks, professional marshals, and safety personnel
  • The only series in Ontario to offer an Overall Champion competition, in addition to individual Class Championships and Event Winners!

The series is a stepping stone to wheel-to-wheel racing.

What does it take to compete?

  • Any car in good mechanical condition
  • An approved helmet
  • Membership in an affiliated automotive club (about 30 to choose from!)
  • A CASC-OR Class ‘TA’ Licence or higher

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