The No. 16 Miata has been in the Demaras Racing stable for a year now, and it’s been a great car. But, other than the number plate on the front fender, it is pretty much a stock-looking car. But not for long!

Driving around Toronto, you’ll see plenty of examples of ‘questionable taste‘ when it comes to car customizing. That’s what makes car culture so compelling. A sharpie-inspired nightmare to one person is a work of modern art to another.

There are classic racing liveries, such as the ones on the Porsche 911s below. It’s up to the individual whether that are beautiful or not. The downside that everyone has to agree with is that they are certainly not original.

There’s a shop up in Richmond Hill called C17 Media that can handle everything from adding subtly visual mods to a McLaren Senna, or creating a full-custom race car livery.

This new shop is a little out of Demaras Racing’s league, for sure. But the guys at C17 seemed to like the father and son team, and their slightly beat up, 20+ year Miata.

After a couple of digital renderings and some back and forth emails, C17 has taken the No. 16 Miata into their shop with the plan of transforming the hairdresser’s car into a proper looking race car.

The garage area of the shop has plenty of high end machinery, including a bad-ass 2003 Subaru WRX that’s been seen around the Can Jam Motorsports shop a number of times. If C17 can make this car look unique, imagine what they can do with the blank canvas that is the 1999 Mazda Miata!

The only question that remains is what will Daniel Demaras decide to do with his Bugeye WRX once he sees how a proper livery can transform the appearance of a car. Perhaps the last bone-stock WRX in the city is in for some big changes next!

Check back later this week to see the No. 16 MagiSeal Miata’s big reveal.

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