Police clocked a Ford Mustang doing 252 km/h on Hwy 401 near Ottawa, when they were out radar trapping on the westbound lanes just after 7:00 AM on Sunday, October 15th. After only a few minutes, police spotted the black Mustang travelling eastbound at a high rate of speed, toward them. Police pointed their radar gun at the motorist, and once they saw the shocking number, started the chase.

During pursuit, the police report that the Mustang could be seen swerving lane to lane, passing other vehicles erratically. When the driver hit traffic at County Rd 6, the police caught up, apprehended the suspect, and threw him in the back of the police car.

Speeding, stunt driving and careless driving charges among the numerous charges the driver was slapped with. The Mustang was impounded (14 days) and the driver’s license was immediately suspended (30 days), and the accused is scheduled to appear in court in the near future.

Demaras Racing wants to remind speed demons, gearheads and juvenile delinquents that there’s a time and place for this type of behaviour. It’s called a race track. Every Friday, Cayuga holds a ‘Take It To The Track‘ nights on the drag strip for $40. GTA Exotics events at the Mosport DDT will even let you drive a police car, instead of the Mustang!

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