Will Power is the greatest qualifier in IndyCar history, a two-time series champion, an Indy 500 winner, and a personal friend to Flavor Flav. Yet, the 42-year-old Power still has trouble controlling his emotions.

Even the casual racing observer would agree that Will Power is an angry guy, but his outrageous behavior has earned him legions of fans in the antiseptic, politically-correct world.

So, when the evil Scott Dixon destroyed Power’s Penske in practice at Road America this past weekend, Will didn’t hold back. Power leapt out of his car, gave Dixon the finger, then rushed over and pushed the Kiwi. The only thing funnier than watching two 140 lbs guys about to fight is listening to former-racer James Hinchcliffe in the announcer’s booth exclaiming “Man, I have never seen Will Power that fired-up!”

Of course you have, Hinch!

Power’s race weekend did not start or end well. With a wrecked car, the team had to completely rebuild his car just to get him out for qualifying. Even then, Power was still upset, and gave this amazing sound-bite.

You’ve just got to love this guy! Even on the worst weekends, Will Power still the most compelling, entertaining, and honest driver in IndyCar!

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